Bothanical Garden
Lorenzo Rota

“If you come across lotus flowers, papyrus plants and carnivorous sundews side by side with Madagascar palms, sanguisorba orobica, sugar canes and candelabra cacti, you are probably at the Bergamo Botanic Garden. Which is not the plant version of the Tower of Babel, but a small stronghold of the Vegetable Kingdom that houses representatives of all the main categories conventionally used by botanists to subdivide the over 250,000 plant species on our planet. ”

Cultural Landscapes invites you to observe the cultural heritage at the Lorenzo Rota Bothanical Garden with different eyes… with the eyes of a V.I.P.
This is how it has been seen by other V.I.P. visitors before you.

Cultural Landscape invites you to explore our cultural heritage, and for that we have a special guide!

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