“It is a place of rare beauty, in which masterpieces of nature and human creativity harmoniously blend across 70,000 square metres of gardens and museum buildings. In the late 1600s the Marquis Giorgio Clerici chose a natural hollow nestled between lake and mountains as the site for his splendid residence, a building that is imposing but sober, is surrounded by Italian-style gardens, and enjoys breath-taking views of the dolomitic Grigne and Bellagio.”

Cultural Landscapes invites you to observe the cultural heritage at Villa Carlotta with different eyes… with the eyes of a V.I.P.
This is how it has been seen by other V.I.P. visitors before you.

During their VIP - Visitors in Practice - experience, some visitors have been happy to share with us their personal perspective on the cultural landscape at Villa Carlotta. Behind each narrative, there is a life story …a soul. Some recount having fallen in love with the local area to the extent of deciding to move here from a different home, town, city or region: in other words, to the extent of making a significant life change. Others came here on holiday. Some had a long association with the villa and its gardens, while others live nearby but had never been here before. And what about you? Might you be the next VIP?

Villa Carlotta still holds many mysteries: places of unexpected interest that are not usually accessible to the public. Cultural Landscapes leads you to discover them in this special guide...