in Practice

Don’t be just any visitor: you too can be a VIP!
Show us your V.I.P. skills!


Visitor in Practice is an action that calls for visitors engagement in heritage interpretation, using different resources which have been thought to stimulate interaction and to promote reflection and creativity in the production of new shared cultural contents.

It is a way to continue the discovery of new elements, to learn new things also when you think you already know enough.

Ask for the kit at the ticket office: you can use it to explore, observe and interpret. Otherwise you can download it and maybe use it as a VIP in the places and situations you prefer. It would be nice if you shared with us what you have done, discovered, reflected on!


Quotes from a workshop

Let’s play! Let your fantasy unwind:
what do you connect the couple of words “arts and science” to?

“Nature is like an art”

“I could tell my thoughts without any constraint”

“I connect the words arts and science to the ability of acquiring knowledge”

“Art is the ability of expressing yourself and your tastes, whilst science explains it.”